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Who We Are

Martin Center, Inc. is a human services agency founded in 1969 by the late Rev. Boniface Hardin, O.S.B., and Dr. Raymond Pierce. Martin Center has remained dedicated to providing a “holistic approach” to clients battling the effects of Sickle Cell in our community for over 40 years. Martin Center assumed the name Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative (MCSCI) in September 2012 in order to have its name more directly reflect its mission.

Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative exists to aid and enhance the lives of those affected by Sickle Cell and associated disorders by providing services, education, and advocacy.

We are committed to providing essential programs and services to benefit individuals and families affected by Sickle Cell. We also educate clients as well as community members by providing access to quality educational experiences. MCSCI works with educators, medical professionals, schools and caregivers in the provision of our services and we strive to build public awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Trait and other abnormal hemoglobin conditions that primarily impact African-Americans, Arabs, Asians and Latinos. Building public awareness of Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Trait and associated disorders is necessary in the fight against Sickle Cell.

MCSCI strives to address today’s needs and reduce tomorrow’s barriers within the Sickle Cell Community by providing assistance to the individuals and families impacted by Sickle Cell.

Message from the President

Gary Gibson An older woman once asked me what I did for a living. When I told her that I was the President of an agency that worked with Sickle Cell Disease, she said, “Sickle Cell? Is that still around?” As one whom works with Sickle Cell Disease on a daily basis, my astonishment at her question caused me to momentarily freeze up. After a brief pause, I said, “Yes, ma’am. It’s still here and it’s still causing pain for those who must live with it.”

Such is the nature of what we are faced with here at Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative. In addition to providing assistance to people and families living with Sickle Cell, we are constantly working to educate anyone that we can about this illness. We want people to know about the pain that it causes, not just physically, but emotionally, socially and financially, as well. We want people to understand that Sickle Cell sometimes has devastating effects on those who live with it and it has a large impact on the communities in which they live.

At MCSCI, we are working to ensure that the voices of Sickle Cell patients are not only heard, but answered. We provide services that help ease some of the pains of the illness but we really want to do much more. That’s where you come in. We encourage you to browse through the various pages of our website to learn more about our services and the education that we provide. We also encourage you to donate to our efforts. Agencies like ours are greatly underfunded and in jeopardy of losing their ability to serve their communities. This has been true historically but recent years have seen a dramatic downturn in funding for agencies working with SCD. So, please, click the “Donate” button on the side of this page to make a contribution of whatever amount you can afford. Those we serve will be grateful that you did. Thank you.

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Gary A. Gibson President and CEO

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